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Finally Back To Weaving

This warp makes me so happy! I have wanted to attempt a project with these colors for some time now, but had I done so with knitting it would have required so many joins, and I’m just not that skilled with joins on a large project.


With weaving, there’s just so much more opportunity (and ease), in playing with colors. And I’m really, really pleased with how the colors are coming together here.

Most crafting has been on hold during March while I worked on building the new website, so it was really nice to spend an afternoon at the loom today. 🌞 Lots of music, plus an episode of SG1 to keep my brain occupied while I played with yarn, and experimented with my first split ply join. I danced around a fair amount as well, but luckily no one saw that.

This project, if I’ve guestimated the correct warp length, will eventually be a fringed shawl that I hope to sell once it’s laundered and finished (any additional hemming required, plus twisting the fringe). I’m aiming to have this completed in the next week, so that I can move onto more colorful woven things, as well as experiment with two heddles to attempt double weaving. Scary, but I’m excited to learn more new things. 
-Heather | Girlnovember Crafts